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Interior Decorators Designer
Key West interior decorator, Lisa Cowen creates open and uncluttered spaces
with the emphasis on bringing the
outdoors in. She perfectly
harmonizes her interiors with
the natural surroundings of
each individual property. Her
rooms are always bathed in the
maximum amount of daylight.
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Lisa Cowen Total Design

Lisa loves a loft like experience. She specializes in making the most claustrophobic space expansive.
" Not too many rooms is my motto - especially in Florida, where we love to have a feeling of open space.
When I design I choose one particular item and work around it. It could be an oriental rug,
a Biedermeier chair or even a huge elephant leaf. I was taught by my mentor, William Beach,
to find the right look in surprising places - perhaps a split rattan table from IKEA plunking down
next to a Jean-Michel Frank chair and making the table look extra ordinary." - Lisa Cowen

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